I think this has been the shortest and the longest week, all at the same time. My goal for the summer is to post more frequently than once/week, but we’ll see. Working a full-time job is, oh, kind of exhausting, especially when you have circadian rhythms that don’t match an 8-5 work schedule (more on that some other time, perhaps). At any rate, getting back into the swing of working a 40 hour week made me quite happy to see Friday roll around, but at the same time I realize the summer is flying–the end of week 1 means I only have 8 more weeks to go. The internship is going pretty well, but I’m still working out the details of all of my projects and how the work will fit together over the summer. My main supervisor has been out of the state/country since I’ve arrived, so it will be good to sit down with him tomorrow and make a plan with real deadlines and such. I’ll post more on the actual work I’m doing later, as well. For now, a summary of the rest of my travel here and getting settled into Ames.

My second day of driving involved a couple great reunions with Denison/Kappa loves. I made it to Columbus in time for a late lunch with my good friend Ann, and then spent time with Julie (a Denison friend who’s now a major part of my Boston life, too) at the cafe in the Columbus Children’s Hospital, the site of her super-intense hospital chaplaincy internship. Even if my summer gets stressful at times, I’m grateful that it most likely won’t involve sick children, surgeries, and 24-hour shifts! It was wonderful to catch up with these ladies, and take a break in the middle of driving day #2. Some photo highlights (apologies for the dark mark in the corner of many of my photos…apparently my camera lens needs cleaning?):

I found a couple things in Ohio, in addition to my friends: farms and evidence of some NRA crazies:

Ohio has farms.

Ohio also has crazy people.

The Hoosier State welcomes you to the “Crossroads of America,” which is also the home of the unfortunately-named Tom Raper RVs and their 840209 billboards:

Crossroads of America

The jingle to their tv & radio commericals says you should "save today Tom Raper's way."

In case you weren't sure, the Hoosier State is most definitely a farm state.

On Wednesday I spent time at home in the bustling metropolis of Plainfield, IN. It was a great day of brunch with the grandmas, shopping with my mom, and dinner with my parents, siblings, and my best friend from high school, her hubby, and their adorable son.

Also, I spent part of the afternoon in the backyard with Lucy, the world’s most stubborn schnauzer…at least when it comes to protecting our yard from the (imaginary?) squirrel in the tree:

She sat like this for at least a few hours.

On guard, putting her oversize ears to work.

I got her to look away from the tree and at the camera, but only for a brief second.

While Lucy ignored me, I explored the rest of my parents’ backyard & garden:

Beautiful flowers where I used to plant morning glories--sorry neighbors, for introducing those crazy vines.

Tomatoes and peppers looking good!

An unusual birthday request of mine: a birdfeeder made by Grandpa Hamilton.

Okay I lied–this post stops here so that I can get some sleep. I’ll write more soon about about traveling through Iowa (guess what! there are farms!), Ames, Iowa State (There are horses. On campus. I’m in love.), my internship, my farmers’ market adventures, and the horticulture farm field day I attended today.  Ttfn! 🙂

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