Time flies…

Crazy to think that 4 years ago today I was driving into Boston, about to get epically lost for the last few miles of my 1,000 mile move.  I had no idea how big of an adventure I was embarking on, or what I’d find–the crazy snow and jobs and commutes, all my gardening and cooking projects, and the most amazing friends and music anyone could ask for. Happy 4th anniversary, Boston, can’t wait to celebrate when I get back!

Charles from the Esplanade

Charles from the Esplanade

Sunset from Perrin's roofdeck

The beginnings of my first garden.

the driveway half of my first garden 🙂

hanging out at revere beach post-farmers' market

cracking up with some of the best people ever, after singing the best music ever. so much ❤


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One Response to Time flies…

  1. Lauren Roller says:

    Omg, that picture is super cute! Except for the part where I only have one leg…not sure what happened there…

    Miss you!!!

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