Life in Ames

So far this summer I’ve failed spectacularly at getting the photos from my camera/computer and the captions and posts in my head onto the interwebs in a timely fashion. My goal is to do better on that for my last month in Iowa, so I’ll start with some various shots from in and around Ames. Up next will be posts about some field days I’ve attended at farms around Iowa, a roadtrip through the eastern half of the state with my boss for some interviews and a farm to school conference, and my love of having fresh veggies and a grill right outside the back door. Soon, I promise!

Three quick notes: 1. Most of you probably saw this via facebook or gchat, but I’m sort of famous! (Hey, if I can’t brag on my own blog, this thing is kind of useless.) Earlier this summer, my final paper from Regional Planning was posted on the UEP blog as an example of student work. It’s still there, if you want to check it out and read my ramblings on how Northeast Ohio could improve their planning process, and actually address issues of food and agriculture in their comprehensive plan.
2. I can’t really take credit for the name of this blog. It comes from the (former?) tagline of Indiana Beach, a small amusement park at “beautiful Lake Shafer in Monticello, Indiana: Proving once again, there’s more than corn in Indiana!” I’ve searched for commercials that include the I. B. Crow mascot saying the line, but you’ll just have to believe that that’s how I hear it in my head.
3. The new header photo for the site is one I took on my drive home from a field day in Boone (just west of Ames). I borrowed the Leopold Center’s nice camera for the event, and managed to capture a bit of the huge sun and intense sunset. (Not all of the photos on here are of such a high quality, but you can click on all of them to see bigger, more detailed images.)

So, my life. Ames is cute and fun little town. Sort of like Granville, but on a bigger scale, and, you know, with more than one bar. In the old downtown area (as opposed to campus town), on Thursday nights most shops stay open “late” (8 or 9pm instead of 6) and there are musicians performing and such. My first week in town I saw the Ames Euphonium Choir performing on Main Street.

I’m renting a room in a 3-bedroom apartment, we have the right side of the duplex:

They're not in this picture, but Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, Mrs Rabbit, and all of Peter Rabbit's family live in our yard/under our front porch.

We share this great backyard that includes a compost pile, a bonfire pit, and a deck with grills and a glider.

My roommates are pretty awesome, and they have a habit of making baked goods and leaving them out for everyone to enjoy, like oreo truffle delicious-ness and pumpkin cookies:

One of my roommates has a dog, Zoe, who’s incredibly energetic and affectionate. She likes to be as close to me (and just people in general), even when my lap is already occupied by my laptop.

So when I’m not at home (aka most of the week), I’m generally at the Leopold Center on campus; we’re on the 2nd floor of this building, Curtiss Hall.

I’ve found that the ledge in front of the right pillar is a pretty good place to sit and eat lunch or do work that doesn’t require a computer. We’ve had quite a heat wave lately, but getting outside for a few is usually a welcome change from the super-powered a/c in our office.

So campus is really big and pretty:

Thunderstorms in the midwest are amazing--these clouds are just the leftovers.

As I was biking across campus, I heard voices and couldn't figure out who they belonged to, until I realized there were kids hanging out near the top of this tree...until security came over and told them to get down.

Be-still my beating heart, this beautiful place also has my favorite creature of all time: HORSES! (sorry Lucy, Nikki, Bella, and other canine friends. No offense.)

This mare was the first to head over to me, in the hopes that I'd feed her some grass from my side of the fence. A few other mares and their foals followed soon after.

This guy has an area to himself and doesn't seem super healthy or happy. His method of stress relief appears to be gnawing on the top of the fence.

I found this group on my way along the bike path from campus into downtown Ames.

And that’s all for now–in the words (internet-speak?) of Tigger, “ttfn! ta ta for now!”


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